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This blog is related to blogging, technology and make money online, wordpress and web development........ Our Motto : Technology | Money | Lifestyle


This blog is related to blogging, technology and make money online, wordpress and web development........ Our Motto : Technology | Money | Lifestyle

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What Is Adsense ?

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Today, I am going to tell you, what is  Adsense ? And How to earn  Money by using it.

What Is Adsense ?

So, Friends, first i want to introduce adsense to you,
Adsense is the Best Ad Network on the internet. and its pays to its publisher for showing ads on their websites, blogs or videos etc.

Friends, Just Imagine...Most Of Selling of products is depend on products marketing, and the best way of marketing is advertisement of products.
The tradional ways of advertisements was, Tv, newspaper, wall images and Banners etc.

We all see the advertisements on the television, in the cinema hall and road side banners, hordings etc. So on the internet, for advertisements Advertisers needs the space where they show their advertisements.
So...the better place of advertisements on the internet is websites or blogs or videos.
because in this world newspaper is replaced by online news portals or news blogs, and television programs and movies are replaced by youtube videos.

According to a Servey, The 70% of search engine material will be in the video format by 2025.
And In this Digital World..People Go Through the Related Blogs For the particular knowledge or needed information.
So on the internet Websites And Blogs Are better place for Advertisers To Place Their Ads On The Space Which is available on the blogs and on the website.

And Here, Adsense comes into the Picture,

How To Earn Money From Adsense ?

Adsense is the Best Ad Network which Connect Advertisers To The Blogs And Websites Owners,  Adsense is provide a opportunity to websites/blogs owner to monetise their contents, and provide the same opportunity to Advertisers to Advertised their products to relevance customers and helps to grows their income and businesses.
Adsense open the bids for ads space and advertisers pays to the adsense, and adsense place the Ads on the blogs And give the 68% shares of revenue to blogs Owner which is known as Publisher.

See The Screenshot Of  Adsense:

AdSense revenue share

Why Is Adsense IS Better Than Other Ads Network?

Friends, Adsense is better than any other ads network in many aspects,
1. google Adsense is pays more than revenue shares to thier publisher as compare than other ads network.
2. Better And Relevant Ads Placements:

Focus The Meaning Of Adsense name: Ads+sense,

Means Adsense is always place the ads on blogs and websites which is relate to thier contents,
if blog/website is website on fashion niche then Adsense only shows Fashion related Ads,
If blog/website Contains The Automobile Related Contents then Adsense is place the ads which is related to auto-mobile industry,
mean Adsense has the better sense to place the best ads to monetise them wisely.

So Friends, i think...Now You know very well that what is Adsense and How To Earn Money from it By Monetise Your Blog Or Website Or Video Content Through Adsense.

So Keep Learning And keep Earning.

Happy Digital Life...!!

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