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This blog is related to blogging, technology and make money online, wordpress and web development........ Our Motto : Technology | Money | Lifestyle


This blog is related to blogging, technology and make money online, wordpress and web development........ Our Motto : Technology | Money | Lifestyle

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Introduction Of An Digital Enterpreneur, Story of 0-1000$ per month...You Can Make It Too.

Hey Friends,
I am a digital enterpreneur, Blogger, Writer & digital marketer, and this is a story of an enterpreneur,
who made his living through online earning.
i hope you find this interesting.

in January 2016, i joined a company as a web developer,but after 2 months i feel that,
join a company is wasting of my skills & time,
 because i hate 9-5 work timing.
so i searched on google & youtube about how to earn money online,
and when i find any good video or blog post which to earn money online then i implement the tricks
which i learned from youtube videos or blog posts.
because i was from web develoiping back-ground, it was easy to grasp blogging knowledge, so i attract towards on blogging
( My Blog is )
and at the same time i influenced very much from abdul wali from Pakistan ( a online teacher who made 1crore rupees from youtube)
 & Harsh Agarval from India ( A blogger who made around 50000$ from blogging).

my first payment was only 70 cents. but i keep hustling and my second payment was 38$.
 it give millions hope to me, and i worked passionately to convert these 38$ into 380$,
after 6 months, my payment was 402$, this was a milestone for me,
( and in march 2018, i recieved 6156$ payment from amazon, this lead to me adopt online field as a successful carrier.)
so move further in my story,
i need a global payment bank for receive my amazon's all marketplace payments,
so i choose payoneer, and payoneer was a good partner for me, becuase till  now, i recieve more than 400$ from payoneer affiliate.
i started to teach people that how to earn money online, and i applied for payoneer affiliate membership,
and payoneer accept my application.
so i refer to people for payoneer signup and i helped people to earn their first 100$, and very soon my refferer earn 100$,
( in november 2017, i recieve 50$ reward for my reffrel commition, and my reffrerer got 50$ each for signup.)
and after few month i planned to start  an online company, which worked on freelancer projects,
 and i never hired any people for my company, because i have a team already,
people who learned by me,how to earn money, they stay with me, and they believe in my plan, in my dream.
And i want to start a startup with my skilled workforce.
we are successful in online field and earn good skills & money from working online.
i want to thanks few platforms in my story.
1. Youtube.
2. Google.
5. Freelancer.

In last,
i teach people Blogging & freelancing to earn money & start their online carrier.
and they hepled me to start company with their skills
and now we earned good amount of money through my skilled team & freelancer platforms.
we all happy with that.
Thanks for reading My Story.

From: Kumaar Dev Sharma


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    1. Yes Ofcourse...ask Your Question...How May I Help You

  2. Hi Dev,

    Today I was just going through my other email id which is handled by my brother on my old blog.. I found that you both had a bad fight.. I personally apologize for that unfortunate incident on behalf of my brother.. You are doing a great work and you will be very successful one day.. best of luck
    Logical Guy


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